St Lawrence Islands National Park: another item off my Life List

Recently, I spent a weekend visiting with friends in Gananoque, Ontario.  Well, technically we were out on one of the Thousand Islands, an archipelago of islands in the St Lawrence River that is near the U.S.-Canada border.

I actually spent a week at the same cottage last year and had a blast!  Little did I know until this past weekend visit, that a Canadian National Park was hiding, just around the corner from us!

If you haven’t seen it yet, I maintain a Life List…or a Bucket List (I just don’t like to call it that!)…or two lists rather; one lists all the things I want to do and experience in my life and the second notes all the places I would like to go.

A huge portion of the Places To Go list is dedicated to our Canadian National Parks, all of which I would like to visit at some point, so you can imagine that discovering that a national park was a short boat ride away was quite exciting!

St Lawrence Islands National Park is an absolutely amazing and beautiful park!  Sadly, I was only able to visit one island this time around and, considering there are 21 islands, I most definitely have to go back!  I’m not really sure that I can actually claim a *visit* since 1 of 21 means I haven’t seen much of the park.

But it’s a start…and it was lovely!



  1. There are a lot of people that have “Visit all the US National Parks” on their list. I’ve thought about adding it but some just aren’t as awesome as others. I think I’d rather just pick and choose. And I call my list a life list too-I don’t like the term bucket list just b/c everyone always thinks I got the idea from the movie when I’ve been working on mine for more than a decade!

    • Thank you for the comment!

      I know what you mean about “Bucket List”. The movie is one reason I don’t use it…I also just don’t like how it sounds, lol.

      Some of our National Parks aren’t all that spectacular either, especially when compared to others. What I found through reading about them, is that each one is unique in it’s own way; either due to special ecologial aspects or historical connections. I usually read up on a park before I visit so I can appreciate the reason why it was chosen as a national site.

      I also don’t usually plan trips to only visit a park…it’s more like “Hey, that park is on the way…let’s take a look!” 🙂 (Some of them are potentially too small to plan a whole trip around…IE Point Pelee which is only 15 sq kms. lol) And I suppose that principle won’t apply to the more northern parks; I’ll definitely have to plan a whole trip just to get to them. *grin*

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