Meet Jelly & Toast!

Anyone who knows me, has met my cats.  They greet me at the door, sleep on me, snuggle when I’m watching a movie, vomit on the only two carpets in the apartment consistently, howl at 2am and otherwise drive me absolutely batty…and I love them to bits!


…otherwise known as Sir Toast of the Purrfect Ears (also Toaster, Toaster-strudel and Toasterkins, among others)

Sir Toast of the Purrfect Ears

Toast was given to me as a kitten during my first month of college in 1997.  I had just moved away from home for the first time; had my own apartment and wanted an animal to keep me company. One of my classmates had a litter of kittens at her house and one night, she appeared at my door with this tiny, little black and white kitten in her hands.

He was absolutely perfect and it was fitting to have this new kitten join me as I started my new independent “adult” life.

Toast has been with me since then.  He has been the one constant in my life throughout my years in college, my move from one province to another, through relationships, break-ups, sickness, despondency, ecstatic moments….the ups, downs, ins, outs….he has been there…That’s my Toast.

At first, I had trouble naming him.  We went through a few names, some of which I have forgotten.  I do recall considering Café and Jive as possible names for him though.  Jive came about one day as he went tearing across the livingroom and I noticed that his rear end seemed to consistently try to race ahead of his face.  It was hilarious and utterly cute…looked like a weird little cat-dance.  But none of the names stuck.

One night, I was cleaning the apartment and had lit some candles, one of which was in a large concrete holder at floor level.  My little kitten was hypnotized by the candle flame and it was, of course, during a moment when my arms were full that he decided to investigate the smell of fire.  He sniffed the candle so closely that the tips of his whiskers burnt.  Overall, he was unharmed but I almost dropped the speakers I was carrying in the ensuing panic.

Once I had ascertained that my cat was fine, aside from melty whiskers, I shook my head and said, “You are so burnt.  Absolutely toasted.” …or something to that effect.  Whatever it was I said…it led me to “Toast”, which initially sounded odd but has become so ingrained in my vernacular over the years that I’m surprised I don’t hear it as a name more often.

Toast is a big dork…I say that lovingly of course as they say pets are like their owners. *wink*  Ever since the candle incident, a couple of his whiskers have maintained slight curlicues at their tips, which just adds to his whole persona.

In addition to all of  that, he tends to have a stunned look on his face like this:


or this….

He makes me laugh and keeps me company.  I love my Toaster to bits and pieces!


…otherwise known as Jellybelly, Jellykins, and Jilly 

I adopted Jelly in 2007 from a veterinarian clinic near my work. At that time, she was a skinny little thing who had just given birth and then had to deal with spaying and declawing.

I saw her kittens first.  They were in the cages at the front of the clinic…all black with yellow eyes and absolutely adorable.  The catch was that I was looking for a companion for Toast, who was 10 years old at the time, and a kitten just wouldn’t do.  I commented to one of the nurses that I was actually looking for an adult cat rather than a kitten and that perhaps I would try the Toronto Humane Society.  The conversation led to the nurse getting permission to take me to the back and introduce me to the 2-year-old (her age was a guess as she had been dropped off while pregnant, anonymously) mother of the kittens up front.

There she was, a little skinny, with taped paws, and absolutely starving for affection.  I fell in love instantly and spent the next few weeks visiting her everyday during my lunch hour. I put an old sweater in the cage with her so she’d recognize my scent and brought her home on Christmas eve.

Jelly, pre-Jelly, at the veterinarian's


Loving the cuddles

There is no other way to put it…Jelly is an affection-slut.  Any cuddles, pets, scratches, scritches are going to HER and screw this Toast guy who keeps getting in the way!  The fastest way to have Jelly show herself is to start petting and/or just talking to Toast.  She’ll appear in seconds, anxious for any loving that she has missed.

Jelly has some weird quirks.

Aside from the need for affection…at ALL times…she likes to lick plastic bags. More than once I have woken up in the middle of the night to a light plastic *crinkle crinkle* as she satisfies her fetish with a rogue grocery bag that has been left out.  Such a little weirdo.

And any time I catch her doing something odd or strange or simply bad-cat, I get this look:

"I didn't do it."


And what do you say to that?  Really, all you can do is smile and shake your head muttering something like “So bad, yet so freakin adorable!” *pat pat* Which always results in more snuggles…



  1. Lovely cats! 🙂

    • Thanks! Shelli is beautiful too! As are the rest of your family. Their personalities really shine through in your pictures.

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