Oil Paintings that Glow

I’m not one for bright rainbow colours.  I mean, my closet is filled with black and the odd hint of red/purple/navy.  So, usually, bright multi-coloured art doesn’t really catch my interest.

This isn’t a black and white rule though, as a friend recently proved to me.

She introduced me to the oil paintings of Leonid Afremov (afremov.com).  The colours he uses are spectacular…especially in his night scenes where it almost appears as though light is actually shining from the canvas.

He tends to use large, short brush strokes, creating the kind of painting that has a stronger impact the further back you are as you look at it.  

Rain Princess is one of my absolute favourites! 

Rain Princess

I love the figure in the middle…long and lithe, seemingly untouched by the suggested rain.  The painting itself reminds of those Magic Eye puzzles…you know the patterns you would stare at and bring close to your face until the hidden 3D image appeared?…except in this case it’s the opposite.  Staring at it up close, the environment seems to be simply  random brushstrokes but hold it away, or step back, and a whole setting appears.  So much created with so little detail.  Spectacular.

 The following two are also beautiful!  Alley by the Lake and Misty Mood really sum up what I like about his nighttime lighting.  It practically glows!  The environments are so rich and alive, the colours so dynamic!

Alley by the Lake

Misty Mood

 Although I’m not sure any of these gorgeous pieces would match my decor, I don’t seem to mind coming back to look at them again and again!

Just felt like sharing!  Happy almost-Friday!



  1. […] Oil Paintings that Glow in A Dash of Noir by Amanda Pants.  Amanda introduces us to the work of Leonid Afremov.  I agree with Amanda.  The colors he uses are spectacular.  Check out her post. […]

  2. Thank you for sharing Amanda! Here is an artist that does similarly tricks with light. And his studio is just outside Peterborough!

    • Those are awesome paintings 🙂 I especially like the ones with the sun shining through the trees!

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