Two-in-one-amigurumi…fish AND sushi?! Had to share!

NOTE: All the pics below are linked to their original sites so feel free to follow the links for more info!

 A friend sent me this via Google+ this evening…Thanks Peter!…and I have to say it’s impressive and HAD to be shared! No question!

Halfway between … is it a fish or is it sushi??


All the pics to this pattern can be seen at

There’s no way you, assuming you’re a crochet nut like me, will look at this pattern and not simply *have* to try it out! lol

Other Notable Amigurumi fun:

Star Wars amigurumi! Love that they even got Princess Leia’s hair correct! lol

Followed by…wait for it…. Hannibal Lecter!! Freakin awesome!


Hmmmm….I really have to start working on some more crocheted little ones!  Lil’ Death recently took a trip through NY state…pics to come!



  1. My friend sent me the sushi/fish picture as well!! I thought it was SOOO hilarious and so cute!!

    • Isn’t it! Still trying to figure out exactly how it works! Do you roll the fish up or what? 😉
      Definitely going to try it at some point!
      Thanks for the *Like*

      • HAhahahahha I was wondering how it works as well!! probably the seaweed and stuff is inside the fish mouth and you wrap the mouth over the body? who knows!

    • PS Apparently it also got Wil Wheaton’s blessing! Lol Love him!

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