Chick Check Off my Life List

My Life List of To-Do’s contains all sorts of activities that I would like to do in my lifetime.  From swimming in the Pacific Ocean to spinning thread from scratch, I add all sorts of stuff to the list, nothing is too ridiculous or trivial.

Holding a chick was on my list, along with to see one hatch. I completed half of that but I figure that means I can check it off.

The science teacher at my work had set up an incubator in his classroom where his students spent a number of days observing the eggs as they hatched. By the time I found out about the incubator, the chicks were dry and fluffy and running around, egg-free. So, I missed the hatching part.

I *did* get to hold one though, which was marvelous!  She was small and scared of course, peeping constantly for her siblings to save her, so I managed to grab a couple of pictures and then returned her to her family. I then tried to get a few shots of the chicks in the incubator, but somehow they knew that I was attempting photography and most of my shots only captured Chick Butt.

It was a simple experience that I found amazing and thus, my life list receives another check!

Chick Butt! It’s like they knew I was trying to get a shot!


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