I find your lack of trees disturbing…

My flight to Calgary was fairly uneventful.  A bit of turbulence here and there and a resulting neck crick from sitting like this for hours:

I was somewhat disappointed because the first half of the flight was over Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. They were cool to look at 🙂 but I had been hoping to see more of the Prairies on the way in since I have never been out this way before. By the time we moved north over Saskatchewan, it had clouded over somewhat and I wasn’t able to see much until we began to descend into Calgary.

So, no Prairies…BUT….some cool cloud formations!

Looks a bit like a Westjet advertisement…”Flying you through hurricanes….getting you there on time!”

I have to say that I have had only good experiences on Westjet flights. The crew are always friendly and joking around.  One of our flight attendants tried in vain to get the whole plan to yell “Yee Haw!!!” as we landed in Calgary…one guy up front was loud enough for most of us 😉

Satellite television was available and free…so at point while I ate (Turkey and Brie on a whole grain and cranberry baguette!), I turned it on to see what I could find.

First show I see? The Golden Girls!! I admit it…that’s one of my favourite shows and both my good friend Tanya and I own all the seasons.  We have watched them all through a number of times and still find ourselves laughing hysterically at times.

For those who are interested (Admit it, you like the show too!) it was the episode where Sophia becomes a nun. Hilarious!

I also ended up watching a cooking show in French and getting a great idea for a fruit dessert!  (Watch my cooking blog ediblenoir.wordpress.com for that recipe!)

When we flew over Wisconsin, all I saw were trees.  Trees everywhere and few buildings, vehicles, or signs of life.  I know they have cities…but somehow we missed them (or else I was on the wrong side of the plane!).  Either way, that many trees requires a visit one day. One day, I would like to visit Wisconsin!

As I mentioned, it was during the descent into Calgary that I was finally able to take some shots of the landscape…albeit from a plane window so please ignore the crappy quality 😛

Mainly taken for the circular bright green field in the bottom right.

Descending into Calgary…my first look at a way off horizon…and no trees!

It was during the descent that I began to notice the trees, well, or the fact that there are few trees. Sure, I knew that the Prairies by definition wouldn’t be woodlands, but it’s surprising how disconcerting I find the lack of trees.

There’s a tree! ….Maybe….

My friend Sarah, who I am visiting during my initial few days here told me that she has met people here who find forested areas claustrophobic and uncomfortable.  So strange to me. The openness of the plains around the city make me feel a little antsy, as though the city has no protection, surrounded by nothing but air.

I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be part of the first group of people to move out here and start cultivating land.  To look in every direction and see for miles. There’s an awesome freedom in that but a vulnerability as well.

Outer edge of Calgary


My first evening in the city was lovely!  Meeting up with an old friend who I hadn’t seen in awhile…not to mention her four-year-old daughter who was barely walking the last time I saw her.


And the sunset!

Sun beginning to set






If that is a sign of things to come, this trip is going to be awesome!


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