Calgary Stampede Part 2: Tanks, Helicopters and Handguns!

So, if you have read my previous blog post, you know that I recently visited the Calgary Stampede for the first time.  Although it wouldn’t have been my first destination choice had I been on my own, I had a blast and am so happy that Sarah convinced me to check it out!

Not only did it include cattle, horses, surfing, a Native village and deep-fried Oreos, but the Canadian Department of National Defense also had a large presence with a huge contingent of soldiers and equipment on site throughout the week.

I have never held or shot a gun. As a child, I was never overly interested in war and weapons.  Still not overly gun friendly, but it was fun to pretend for a while!

So, as we wandered around Stampede and noticed all the vehicles and weapons on site, Sarah and I decided to check them out!  We seemed to be two of only a handful of adults interested in actually checking out the tanks and the helicopter…most were on site taking pictures of their children…so yeah, we stood out a bit. But we had fun and that was the point!

The first tank we came across was

The two tanks we came across were Light Infantry Vehicles…I believe this one was an LAV III Chassis

This tank was open for people to check out…but it was a climb-up-and-on whereas the other one was a jump-up-and-sit-in-the-back. We waited to approach the second one for a closer look.


In between tanks, there was a torpedo….

With a saddle on it!

Which made me think, “You could probably put a saddle on *anything* and have it displayed at the Stampede!”

I’ll just leave that there. Otherwise, such thoughts take us to strange places.

Back to the torpedo, that was saddled and still armed, according to a soldier on site….Of course, we had to ride it! Had to! There was just no choice in the matter.

The second tank was the one we got to sit in. I have never been up close to a live tank before…the ones I’ve stood next to have always been monuments of some kind 😉

This was the tank we actually got to sit in!

Even so, we couldn’t bring ourselves to be serious!

Does this headset make my ears look big?

A pic of the Hornet sign for B 🙂

And the actual Hornet! …Well, okay, just the front of it.

As mentioned, I have no experience with guns. Even toy guns weren’t my thing as child.

Now, caps, I LOVED caps!  We’d buy rolls of them and set them off with rocks! *grin* Never actually used a cap gun!

Anyway, also among the Dept of Defense set up was a handgun simulator.  There were police nearby to explain how to use the guns and how to aim with them. The man who helped us was awesome. He explained the guns in detail and warned us of the kick back.  He also said that handguns with real ammunition would have 12x the kick back that we experienced.  I can’t imagine how that must feel.  I had a hard enough time with the simulation!

Not only was the guy helpful, but he took some bad-ass pictures of Sarah and I with guns!

Somehow I’m betting cops don’t wink at their targets as they aim!

Sadly the day was too bright to know how accurate we were…

Next up, a helicopter!  I had never been in one of those either!

So we beat back the kids and asked if we could sit in it!

Sarah about to ask for permission to climb aboard!

Getting a short tutorial…

“Hey Sarah! Look what I can do!” Once you learn to handle the gun, you point it at your friend of course!

…And then your friend targets you back!

I think Sarah was enjoying the aiming a bit too much! 😉

A total natural!

So, in the end, still not a gun fan, but having a chance to check out a tank and helicopter up close was pretty cool!

And overall, the Stampede is a lot of fun!  Sure, there are crowds to deal with but there is a little bit of everything for everyone and you definitely won’t be bored!


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