Proof that Pink is my nemesis! (Otherwise known as “Bouldering in Calgary”)

A shot of the bouldering area in Stronghold, Calgary.

While I was in Calgary, I experienced a lot of firsts! Bouldering was one of them!

One morning, Sarah suggested we get some exercise by going bouldering. Both her and her husband had the shoes and the chalk, and luckily my big feet fit into his shoes 😉 so we decided to try it and headed off to Stronghold.

I admit the name “Bouldering” had me imagining us crawling over huge rocks, as though on a rocky beach…goat-like jumping from one to other…which suited this Capricorn! Until we arrived, I had no idea that bouldering was effectively rock-climbing without the height or the harness.  Not sure I would ever attempt it out-of-doors without a crash mat, but indoors, it was a lot of fun!

Sarah explained the wall layout, which made me go “huh?” So she had to actually climb a bit and show me how to “boulder” it up! 🙂

Sarah on our first wall showing me how it’s done!

And then, it was my turn!

Oh yeah, I’m so excited!

Like this?

Wheee! Getting my groove on!

The ultimate let-down…where do I go from here?

The first wall I conquered was about 12 to 15 feet across.  Took me a number of tries but I finally figured out the steps and my muscles finally stopped being stubborn and started doing what I was telling them to do.

Conquering my first wall!

The first wall was monumental.  Not only was it a strange thing to try to do, climb a wall and keep your body close to it, but you also have to figure out where to put your feet while predicting  your next step or two ahead. It was challenging. Mentally and physically. But I LOVED it!

That’s right! That wall can bite me! I win!

Feeling pretty good about myself, we moved on to the next wall.

FYI….Um, when you add a bit of an outward angle to a climbing wall, it makes the whole thing HARDER!

Angle Shm-angle! I can do this!

Getting harder as the angle gets a little steeper



Nope…tried a few more times and the angled wall was beyond me!

I was surprised at how much sweating I did in the first half hour of climbing.  It’s a great workout!  Legs, arms and core…the angled walls kicked my ass but I still loved the challenge!

Sarah also attempted the angled wall….

Woot! Getting there!

And as with me…the angle won.  Stupid angle!

But, also like me, Sarah loved the challenge of attempting to conquer it!

Aaaaand, we identified the actual stone causing all the problems!  (Yes, you can blame failure on a stone.  It works…makes you feel much better…trust me. 😉 )

After we each attempted the wall a few times, we realized that as soon as we were in line with the ying-yang stone below, we would fall.  Evil, I say!  And it’s pink too!

The EVIL stone of EVIL

Any time we got close to passing by this stone, it would use its negative pink energy to send up flying!  Okay, so we’d just sort of *floomp* to the floor…but still!

Sarah just before a burst of ying-yang-pink-stone-negative-floomp-energy!

So to all of you who laugh at me due to my pink allergy…pay attention!  Pink!  You are my nemesis!  And when I return to Calgary, I will clamber past you and laugh the entire way!  Thus, the gauntlet has been thrown down!

Next time I will beat you! Next time!

I was sore the next day, it’s true. But it was a good sore!  My body telling me that climbing was a great workout and that I should consider doing more of it!  I took that time to research climbing gyms near our new apartment in Toronto and found a bouldering-focused gym only two subway stops away: Boulderz Climbing Centre!  Will definitely be checking that out when I return!

Overall? Bouldering….loved it! Recommend it!

Just don’t plan on doing much with your arms the next day! 😉




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