Ass-kicking Plants – In Art and Life

As I sift through my hundreds upon hundreds of photos from my trip to the Pacific Northwest and spend way too much time considering what I want to say and how I want to say it, I also take breaks now and again to check out interesting websites.

I came across one the other day called The Violence of Flowers by Carne Griffiths and rather than leave my blog here, drying out from lack of “ink” as it were while I figure out which pictures to share, I thought I would share these amazing paintings with my readers. Not only is it an amazing collection of paintings…but I can also relate it to one part of my trip. (If you are art bound and just wanted to see the paintings…click the links above or scroll down a bit as I have included a couple of my favourite paintings below from the collection.)


Plants and violence…sure, we know the connection exists. Can anyone say Cactus?

How about Gympie-Gympie?

*giggle* Yep, the name made me laugh.  But the Gympie-Gympie is a serious plant with a violent agenda. This video made me raise my eyebrows and second-guess travelling Down Under:

So, yeah, that plant is not helpless by any means. If you have a morbid curiosity like me and want to read a little more, the Australian Geographic has an article on the amount the pain this plant can cause, by just brushing up against it.  Insane.

Moving on, we get to the plants we saw on our trip that fit this theme.

Well, they aren’t necessarily dangerous to us but I’m sure they’re pretty ass-kicking to the insect kingdom.

While travelling through Oregon, we visited the Darlingtonia State Natural Site just outside of Florence.  It was a small area with a very short boardwalk, dedicated to the protection of one plant, the Pitcher Plant.  < insert evil fear-inducing music here>  I like name Cobra-Lily better, especially after seeing their skin close-up and understanding how they not only capture bugs, but then go on to discombobulate them so they can’t tell which way is the Exit.

The bog contained hundreds of these plants…the landscape looked quite surreal, as though it belonged in a sci- fi movie.  And, I saw practically no bugs around…either all dead or all smart enough not to come near…I’ll go with the former. 😉

Close-up of the translucent skin. Once a bug is inside, the sun shines in from all directions thus well-camouflaging the exit!

So, you can imagine why The Violence of Flowers made me think of Darlingtonia….Highly recommended by the way as a stopping place if you are ever travelling through. It only takes a minute to walk from end to end, but you’ll find yourself wanting to simply stop and consider these awesome looking Cobra-Lilies!

Now, on to the art in question!

I came across The Violence of Flowers while using StumbleUpon.  If you haven’t used it yet…try it out…just be warned that it is exquisitely skilled in the art of time-suckage and you’ll lose hours!

There wasn’t much information on the page I found, so I did some searching and found the artist as well as their wordpress! So be sure to visit Carne Griffiths’ WordPress blog to see the whole collection. I have picked a few paintings that are up there on my favourite list but they are all spectacular! Every time I go back to look at them, my favourites change.

One of my favourites from the Violence of Flowers series. There is such movement and yet fragility to this piece.

This one is entitled Devoured. Who is doing the devouring here?

All his work has this spectacular movement and fluidity to it. Soft and supple yet raw and jagged at the same time.  So lovely and moving that I felt the need to share!


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