About Me

…the crafting and considerations of a walking contradiction…

I am a Canadian East Coaster at heart, transplanted into the wild landscape of Ontario’s very own golden horseshoe, who attempts to visit the coast (any coast!) at least once a year if possible.  My home is a kaleidoscope of styles and decor…a cheerful, morbid aesthetic.  Skulls make wonderful decor. Doc Martens go with any outfit. Books that suddenly kill off main characters are brilliant. And Tim Burton is a god (NOTE May 2012: Dark Shadows casts a bit of a pall over this statement…Respect is built and must be maintained, Tim!)

I like my wine, chocolate and watching ridiculous cheesy movies for fun. Alternative, eccentric, silly, gregarious, and as the bf would say ‘absolutely bat shit’…that’s me.

Theme colours? Red & black of course!

This blog is, simply put, a means to share my interests with others…art, hobbies, opinions…spreading my own personal noir across the internet…a dash at a time.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Other Blogs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

EDIBLE NOIRLearning to cook with a dash of daring and a pinch of panic!

Over the summer of 2010, I found myself pursuing an interest that I had thought would perpetually evade me; I found myself cooking. Not only cooking, but enjoying it! After 31 years on this earth, the lure of the kitchen, the hearth of the home, drew me in and I found myself interested in cooking beyond making toast and KD. I revel in my successes…and my failures…sharing both on this blog.



  1. Hey Amanda, you have to get sewing… there’s no clothes on display in the Stitch Noir Etsy Store.

    • I know! I’ve been distracting by other, crazier things…like biking up 90 degrees and stuff 😉 Hehe.
      Definitely hope to get that going this summer.

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