Life List – Things To Do

Bucket List…Life List…same thing.  In November 2010, I found myself writing in my journal about the numerous things I want to do during my lifetime.  I started listing them…small things I could do in hours to large events that would require a lot of planning.

I decided to maintain the list properly and try to actually accomplish the items rather than simply dream about them.

There is so much out there and I find my list changing and getting longer by the day!  So here it is, a list of things I want to do before the end.  I have kept my list of “Places to Go” separate to make it easier to skim through and update.

Completed Items can be found at the bottom of the list!

  • Ride a horse – Completed July 2012, 1.5 trail ride near Calgary AB
  • Learn to play an instrument
    • guitar
    • piano
  • Go sailing
  • Drive a motorcycle
  • Drive a seadoo/skidoo
  • Own a house (preferably outside city limits)
  • Spin my own thread
  • Swim in the Pacific Ocean – Completed July/August 2012 off the coast of Oregon and Washington
  • Hug a Redwood tree
  • Take a year off to travel and create
  • Go caving
  • Kill and prepare an animal as food
  • Learn to knit – Somehow, crochet makes sense whereas knitting? Does.not.
  • Try axe throwing
  • Practice archery
  • Maintain a garden and grow my own food
  • Learn how to manoeuvre a crystal ball as was done in The Labyrinth
  • Go portaging
  • Stay in an Ice Hotel
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Climb to the summit of Mount St Helens

Things I Have Done

  • Attend University (Have taken online courses but not physically attended)

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