Crocheted Yule gifts…and a viking hat!!

Happy New Year!

My long absence has been brought to you by both my laziness and a wordpress error that kept me locked out of my account throughout the holidays.

I admit, that was somewhat frustrating, but the good news is that I spent the holidays keeping myself busy with crochet!  Yep, I’m loving my new hobby … and it felt good to give gifts this year that I had made myself.

Here are a couple of my Yuletide creations…
First is the scarf I gave to B’s aunt….

Long Scarf - 100% Acrylic, made completely with half double crochet stitches

Followed by the scarf for his dad…

100% acrylic

….which Nosey, the family dog, apparently liked as well….

Nosey showing off one of my creations 🙂

Another scarf went to B’s mom…this is a scarf of which I am quite proud…it took a number of hours and was somewhat difficult because I kept the stitches quite tight…but it turned out incredibly well. I just wish I had a shot of her wearing it! 🙂

100% acrylic scarf made by me!

To my friend Heather and her husband Peter, I gave sort of matching scarves…well…matching patterns, different colours.  I secretly asked each of them what colours they thought would suit the other.  (On that note, I have to say that in many ways I enjoy the covert fact-finding missions more than the giving of the resulting gift!)

In addition to scarves, I also gifted armwarmers, which I have been making non-stop over the past month or so.  Recently, I attempted a pair of laced armwarmers…more for look than warmth I suppose (well, unless you wore them over something else!)

First pair of laced armwarmers....25% wool 75% acrylic

Okay…and la pièce de résistance?

A Viking Hat!!!

I already have a few people interested in having one made!  In some cases for their children and others want one for themselves 🙂  I have some great ideas that started with this particular pattern and I am anxious to see where my creativity leads me…but I also need to take a moment and acknowledge the source of the pattern:  It was the first pattern I have ever purchased and it was so easy to follow!  Can’t wait to start making more!

So, on that note…I think I shall get some sleep…I have an order for a dog sweater and a scarf to start working on tomorrow 😉


Crochet: Keeping the palms warm! (Fingers come later!)

I had no idea I would like crocheting so much.

I’ve only being doing it for a month or so but I love being able to do something productive when I would otherwise be simply sitting, such as when I’m watching a movie or sitting on the subway.  Now if I could just figure out how to read and crochet! Hmmmmm…..

I plan to crochet most of my Yule gifts this year…likely scarves, which are pretty straightforward, or arm warmers.  How I love arm warmers!! I’ve said it many times, I really like crocheting because I see results so quickly.  I haven’t attempted gloves…have no idea how I’d go about crocheting digits so I’m waiting until I have the palm section down. 😉  I figure I’ll give arm warmers as gifts this year and then mail out the fingers as I figure them out…Next year’s Yule gift!

I tried to make my first pair a couple of weeks ago, basely loosely on a pattern I saw online.   It was easier than I had expected.  I of course made some mistakes but my first prototypes served their purpose.  Here are a few pairs I have made so far….

My first experimental pair

I have continued to work mainly with acrylic yarn but I have a few wool pairs in the works as well. Most wool makes me itchy (alpaca being the exception so far) but so far I find I can still crochet with it.

B&W ordered 😉


A new lacy crochet stitch I discovered in one of my million crochet books! I love the library!

I’m now experimenting with more lacy crochet stitches and using ribbon to accessorize…..More pics to come!

Since then, I’ve