Crochet: Learning to work the needle!

Last spring, I attempted to learn how to knit.  A friend showed me the ins and outs of purling and knitting, which I could do….sort of.  But knitting didn’t make sense to me.  Purl, knit, purl, knit…I didn’t get it and it didn’t stick.  My knitting needles became sticks to hold up my hair and that was that.

In September, I decided to try crocheting.  I didn’t have huge expectations.  I had heard that although crochet was somewhat !similar to knitting, many people usually preferred one or the other.  So I figured, what the heck, I’ll try it.

Two months later, I’m still crocheting and I’m really enjoying it!  It makes sense where knitting completely lost me.  I have attempted scarves, granny squares and, most recently, amigurumi!

I have been taking books out of the library to study various pattern ideas, using youtube to clarify stitches that require more than just a picture to explain themselves, and joining a number of awesome crochet websites!  As I experiment with patterns and various creations, I’ll definitely be sharing them on this blog 🙂

My first attempt at a scarf...It's taking me a little longer as it is quite wide...straightforward double crochets.

My first completed scarf - Find the pattern online for free HERE

My first completed granny squares, made with a mix of camouflage yarn and green yarn, both acrylic.