Snowshoer Extraordinaire!

One more item scratched off my Life List!

This past weekend, I finally got to try snowshoeing!  Sort of.

We went to Crawford Lake, which is north of Burlington, Ontario.  It’s a lovely place to go hiking, summer or winter and contains a lot of history.  The remains of 10 Iroquois Longhouses were discovered on the site (among thousands of other artifacts) and, as a result, there is now a reconstructed 15th century Iroquois village on site for visitors to explore.  Definitely worth the trip!

I admit, I was hoping for traditional snowshoes…the kind that I imagined would cause me to walk bowl-legged the next day. *grin*

Instead, we rented these:

They were easy to get used to, not as wide as I had expected, and a good introduction to snowshoeing…but I tested them in snow drifts and they didn’t allow me to walk on the snow.  The woman behind the counter had told us that proper snowshoes would be fitted to a person dependent on weight and that our rentals were more of an ‘all-purpose’ snowshoe.

So, I admit I was a little disappointed, but it was still a great experience.  And once we started walking down unbroken trails and carving our own paths, we really started to feel the burn.  Good exercise and a good time was had!  Not to mention we got to take some pics and practice our snowshoe ballet!

As a last reason to go to Crawford Lake (and really, like you need more of a reason!), it’s definitely worth mentioning that the snowshoe rentals were only $12!

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