Wavy Day on Lake Ontario

While I was out cycling this past Sunday, we ended up on the shores of Lake Ontario.

I grew up on the coast (the east coast of Canada for those who are wondering) so, although I love living near such a large body of water, it lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.  Actually, that isn’t accurate.  Je sais what it’s missing…salty air, life/living creatures around the edges, and a certain depth and movement that you instinctively feel when you stand on a coastal beach.

Regardless…Lake Ontario DOES have personality (and pollution unfortunately, but let’s not get into that) and on Sunday, there was no lack of movement.  We pulled over near Baranga’s, a restaurant on the beach strip that owns the large plastic dock you see in the pictures below.  The colour of the water was gorgeous…a sea-green as beautiful as a coastal shore. That day, the Lake reminded me of the Bay of Fundy, except without smell…which, on some days out east, you could argue that’s a good thing!


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The dock was snaking up and down along the crest of the waves…it was wicked and part of me wished I wasn’t dressed for cycling so I could manoeuvre out there and test my balance.



Doesn’t it look like a blast?!  Eventually, some people on the beach stole my idea. 🙂  A mother went out with her three children, one at a time, gripping the backs of their shirts to keep them from flying off the dock.  I of course, had to video that too!



So, yes, I miss the coast.  I try to get their at least once a year.  But on days like Sunday, the lake makes a good substitute.