Meandering to Montreal – Day 1

On Friday, my friend Michael and I hit the road in a lovely rental car.  Our goal? Montreal, Quebec!

Packing the car!

We left Toronto fairly early and planned for a 5-6 hour drive.  Our arrival time wasn’t set in stone so we took the opportunity to meander through some little towns on the way.

Brockville was our first stop.  When we first pulled off the highway, I have to say it didn’t look like much…that is, until we crossed the border into Brockville’s lovely Historic Downtown.  Some of the homes were absolutely gorgeous!

Brockville City Hall was also quite a handsome building…

We wandered around the downtown area for a little bit, debating where to grab some lunch and thankfully, we chose Taits Bakery!

Lunch was simple…a tuna salad sandwich…but my god, it was amazing! As a bakery, they obviously make their own breads and I have to say that although their tuna salad was lovely,  it was the bread that made the sandwich!

Their bread selection was awesome and their name and descriptions…well, they speak for themselves…

Other portions of the downtown area seemed somewhat dated…

Hmmm...did they simply cut off her lower half, pushing the vacuum around? 😉

Or just odd…

Welcome to Brockville's Marina!....And airport?

Overall, Brockville surprised us.  Quaint, with friendly people and a lovely inviting downtown.

We stopped in a couple of other small communities…but Ill let Michael sum up our reactions:

Iroquois, ON - *blink blink* Ooops, we missed it!

Morrisburg, ON…*hiss* Just…no.
Driving into Montreal was exciting…partly because of the various unidentifiable vehicles we saw on the road…such as this one:

The picture doesn’t represent the true size (or lack of size) of this … car?  It was so small and close to the ground that I wondered if the driver was posed Batman-esque, laying on their stomach, facing forward with their head under the dash.  Unfortunately, they veered onto an off-ramp before we could get a closer look…Batman’s neon-orange cousin shall remain forever a mystery!