Cute ‘n Sad Eeyore Fish

At the Pacific Mall in Toronto, there is an awesome pet store…
well, as awesome as stores dedicated to keeping little wee animals in small cages can be ūüėČ

One of their main attractions is the huge number of aquariums they have on site and the large variety of odd sea life.

We came across glow in the dark crayfish, which were pretty cool!¬† Granted the glow was thanks to a purple light…but still!

I tried to get a picture or two but…have you ever tried to take pictures through glass??? What a pain!

The fish I did manage to capture…sort of…on camera…were the cutest little fish EVER!¬†

Cute, and yet sad.

Sort of like little Eeyore fish!

“Thanks for noticin’ us”

They looked SO morose.
Don’t you just want to give them a hug?
Tell them everything is going to be all right?

I did. 
So I spent a few minutes talking to them…channeling my inner fish whisperer…telling them that soon they would have a new owner and the whole world would open up to them!
And of course, they’d be purchased together!

My encouragement¬†caught their attention…but I think they knew I was lying.

*sigh* “She’s baiting us with false promises.”
“What a biiiiitch!”

I imagined their voices as a high-pitched warble…kind of whiny…sort of like Fran Drescher but with bubbles and a long¬†Eeyore sigh at the end.