Fixing up my bike…

I am really enjoying cycling.  The challenge to go further and further, to attempt steeper and steeper inclines…not to mention the chance to see the city from various unique vantage points…has me hooked!

I am planning a few new routes to try in the next week or so, specifically the Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail, the Escarpment Rail Trail and the Red Hill Valley Recreational Trail.

I have a cheap bike, a CCM 1800 from Canadian Tire that I bought last year, but it’s getting me from Point A to Point B and, at present, that is what’s most important to me.  My long-term plan is to buy a better bike next year, assuming my love of cycling continues.

In preparation for the distances I plan to travel, most of which are on roads or gravel/paved trails, I decided to change the tires on my bike yesterday. The bike came with these:

They have been fine so far but the deep treads have proven to be a little counter-productive, especially on those crazy hot days when I’m trying to conquer a route that’s entirely on paved roads.

To help reduce the friction that I’ve been fighting against, I decided to replace them with all-terrain tires that have a much shallower tread.  The pictures don’t do them justice, but they are much smoother than the originals.

My friend Chris helped walk me through the tire changing, then I adjusted my V-brakes (which I learned to do from our ever-helpful Youtube! lol).  Aside from enjoying the cycling, I am truly enjoying the repairing as well.  I like knowing that if something breaks, I’ll at least have an idea what’s wrong and how to fix it.  Of course, I’m still traveling up a steep learning curve…but I’ll get there.

I haven’t tried out the new tires yet, but I plan to later on this week as I bike another 30+km route.  Here’s hoping they make a difference! 🙂